Community-based Solutions You Can Trust

CHC specializes in providing high-quality community-based treatment and educational services for the criminal justice system. We have been providing outpatient treatment services for numerous corrections systems customers for more than 30 years, and probation supervision services for more than a decade to approximately 300 courts. 

Together with our criminal justice partners, we are helping to solve some of the most challenging issues facing the correctional system today:

  • Lack of effective, evidence-based offender specific treatment methodologies. 

  • Large population of mentally ill offenders who occupy prison and jail beds

  • Uncollected court fines, fees and victim restitution

  • Decreased budgets for correctional mental and behavioral health treatment programs

  • High recidivism and probation/parole failure rates due to mental and behavioral health issues

CHC implements programs that provide responsible and effective offender treatment for offenders living in our communities.

Pre- and Post-Custody Care
Our community programs support an integrated care treatment model by filling crucial gaps in pre-custody and post-custody correctional settings, including:

  • Pre-custody: Mental and behavioral treatment solutions that serve prosecutors, courts, probation officers, and pretrial agencies

  • Post-custody: Intensive treatment modalities that provide high impact assessment and treatment programs to released inmates from jail and prison

Our community-based offender treatment programs vary in length depending on the sentence and the offender-needs assessment, performed by CHC therapists. Our proprietary tracking and reporting software, Justice Track, is a state-of-the-art system providing near real-time offender status.

Contact us today if you would like to discuss CHC's proven solutions to jail over-crowding, recidivism and reduced budgets.