Why Partner with CHC?

Proven, Industry-Leading Correctional Healthcare

Correctional Healthcare Companies (CHC) is a national provider of correctional healthcare solutions that improve public safety, manage risk, reduce recidivism and extend budgetary resources in the facilities and communities in which we work. We are the only company in the country that provides the full spectrum of medical and behavioral healthcare solutions for offenders – pre-custody, custody, and post-custody.

Our clients include city and county jails, state Departments of Corrections, privately operated facilities, federal agencies, including the Federal Bureau of Prisons, as well as prosecutors, judges, and court systems. We offer proven, integrated services in a growing network of locations across the U.S. that serve adult and juvenile populations:

· Inmate Healthcare
· Pharmacy Services

Inmate Healthcare
At CHC, we administer correctional healthcare services for nearly 70,000 inmates in more than 250 correctional facilities around the country. These facilities range from small city and county jails with an average daily population (ADP) of less than 50 inmates, to large correctional institutions with ADPs of over 3,500 inmates. We currently provide services in 27 states and we continue to increase our offerings across the U.S.

Outpatient Treatment
One of the services that sets CHC apart is our outpatient treatment program. We provide community-based behavioral health treatment for 19 facilities, competently serving more than 100,000 cases each year that are referred by prosecutors, judges and court systems. Outpatient treatment is a successful and cost-saving alternative to incarceration.

Supervision Services
Not only do we provide traditional healthcare and behavioral health treatment, CHC also provides probation and parole supervision services at approximately 70 locations for more than 250 courts. In fact, we have supervised more than 500,000 cases since we began offering this service. As part of our Supervision Services, CHC offers electronic monitoring, fine collection, state-of-the-art tracking and reporting for our court system clients.

Pharmacy Services
Our in-house pharmacy cares for inmates’ pharmaceutical needs; fulfilling more than 335,000 prescriptions annually.


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