Mission & Values

Our mission at Correctional Healthcare Companies is to fully support our corrections agency customers in creating safer communities, safer facilities, successful offender outcomes, and more efficient use of correctional resources; we do this by providing a total correction healthcare program including medical, mental, and behavioral health services to offenders - in the community, in custody, and upon their re-entry into the community.

We provide a complete range of medical and behavioral care to our clients for offenders throughout the custody process: pre-custody, in custody and post-custody. Our full spectrum of professional healthcare services is unmatched by other correctional healthcare providers.

At CHC, we’re a company focused on continuous improvement, collaborating with our clients to identify ways we can effectively serve our ultimate end user: the offender. We maintain a constant awareness of the needs of the correctional system and we proactively develop solutions to meet those demands while reducing cost, risk and recidivism.

Effective Programs. Professional Delivery.
Our focus is on our clients. We say clients, plural, because with each contract we are actually serving two customer bases – the correctional agency and the offenders who receive our direct professional services. We recognize the unique needs and challenges of each of these customers. That’s why we developed a customized healthcare program specifically for you and the offenders receiving treatment under your supervision. We deliver these specialized programs professionally, effectively and with transparency to all of the clients we serve.